It’s time to take the company you helped build to the next level.

The first step is finding the right partner.


You’ve helped to build your company over the course of many years and the owner/operator has decided it is either time to sell or to bring in an outside partner to help accelerate the company’s growth. We hope, (s)he may be considering or has selected Corinthian Capital as that partner and you are likely asking yourself what is it like to work with a private equity firm generally, or Corinthian Capital specifically.

Find out what it is like to work with our team here. We are the first to acknowledge that private equity, especially in the media, is often portrayed in a less than stellar light. We can only speak to how we operate and our focus is to work alongside existing management to carefully execute on a shared vision and strategic business plan. Our focus is to professionalize and institutionalize a business bringing to bear additional resources to achieve our shared goals. We encourage you to learn more about our past and current portfolio and our team to better understand how we can partner with you.